Carbon, graphite and carbide for the electromechanical and chemical industry

Brushes for electrical machines, carbon and silicon carbide for mechanical applications

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Our products are made through a meticulous process:

- Selection of the best raw materials
- Quality control at all stages of the process
- A work ethic devoted to customer satisfaction

The whole process is controlled and formalized in accordance with the regulations of ISO 9001:2008 and finished products are subject to an additional final inspection. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of our work.


Technologically advanced machines such as mills, mixers, presses, ovens, grinders, CNC, and others enable us to produce everything in-house, starting from the raw materials up to the finished product.

This system gives us an advantage in terms of quality and customer service, as we control and inspect the products that are then sold directly by us to the customer.

In recent years we have also started work on small projects with new machines dedicated specifically to these projects, and also a new production system.


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