Carbon, graphite and carbide for the electromechanical and chemical industry

Brushes for electrical machines, carbon and silicon carbide for mechanical applications

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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

The improvement of the health and safety of the workers, and environmental conservation are our top priorities here at Eurocarbo.

The main principles on which the environmental and safety policies of the company are based are as follows:

1. Crisis prevention: constant attention to the safety of workers (prevention of work related injury/accident by improvements and updates to the machinery's configuration)

2. Continuous Improvement: we are always looking to improve in every aspect: job training, customer satisfaction, environemental conservation


3. Job Training and Awareness: we run periodic environmental and safety trainings so that our employees are always up to date with the latest regulations.
To be sure that our rules and regulations are actually respected, we have implemented a long-term program, continually checked and updated.

Specifically, the aforementioned continuity program includes:

 Management of waste disposal.

The reduction in noise and air pollution.

• Reduction of hazardous substances and their harfmful environmental effects by managing process of our supply chain.

• Construction of new facilities, paying attention to work-related hazards. 

• Continuous monitoring of the services provided to the customer, especially respecting compliance with company, environmental, and health and safety regulations.




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